Community Input

Tell us what you think and help us in our work!

We are interested in your ideas and feedback.

  • What arts and cultural events would you like to see in Medford?
  • What are important issues for arts and culture that we should know about?
  • Do you have ideas for new and innovative public arts programming for your neighborhood?
  • How could Medford be more arts-friendly?
  • How can we strengthen the humanities (those language-based disciplines such as history and literature) in Medford?
  • What kinds of public art would be at home in our parks, playgrounds, and open spaces?
  • Are you interested in contributing to the Council’s work?

You may also be interested in attending, participating in, or creating arts and culture programs in Medford. You may want to learn how you can contribute to making great creative experiences for the public in Medford. You may have some great stories and ideas to share. We can help answer your questions. Please feel free to write us throughout the year or come to one of our meetings. You can also get updates from our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Or apply for a grant for your own public project.

As a Local Cultural Council, we are required to seek community input to develop local guidelines and priorities for our grantmaking. This feedback process with residents, grant recipients, and stakeholders is an ongoing part of our work. We are currently seeking your input through an active online survey, found here.

From January 2018 through April 2018 we conducted a short online survey on various topics including community interests, cultural issues, and public art. The survey was open to Medford residents and anyone else from the broader community with an interest in the vitality of our city’s creative community. You can read some initial results at this link.

Some earlier survey results (collected from August 2015 through March 2016) are summarized on our website and discussed in this article: A bright future for the arts in Medford (Medford Transcript, March 25, 2016).

We also convened the first Arts and Culture Summit (#MedfordArts) in November 2015 to gather input about the future and existing assets, needs, and opportunities.

More than 70 people representing 30+ organizations participated in the Medford Arts and Culture Summit.

This community event included more than 70 participants, who in turn represented more than 40 organizations.

•  You can read a description of the summit here.
•  You can download our first report about the summit’s findings here.

In early 2016, the transition team for Mayor Stephanie Burke convened a subcommittee for “Cultural Affairs and Recreation” to help the new administration focus on near-term interests, needs, and priorities. The Medford Arts Council was represented on this committee and participated in multiple community meetings to gather input from organizations and residents on ways for enhancing Arts, Culture and Recreation. You can access the report and a short video introduction on the City of Medford’s website.

You may want to read our detailed funding and grantmaking analysis, called Funding Matters. This data-driven report looks back at some trends in our work during the period 1998 to 2015, and helps provide context about community interests and needs as seen through the perspective of the grant program of the Medford Arts Council.

As part of our recent engagement efforts, we participated in the statewide 2015 Create the Vote initiative with our partner, MASSCreative. We invited local candidates for mayor and city council to explain their positions on issues of importance to Medford’s arts and culture community. You can read what the respondents had to say by following this link.

Our cool Postcard project from 2010 was singled out by the Massachusetts Cultural Council as a best practice for engaging the community.

We look forward to continuing to develop and explore different ways of carrying out effective community engagement. Throughout the year, your input, involvement, and donations are always welcome!

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