Create the Vote 2015

The Medford Arts Council is partnering with MASSCreative to help elevate topics in arts and culture in the conversation around the 2015 election races for Mayor and City Council. So we have created a questionnaire for candidates to complete and share with the public through our website.  The responses to our candidate survey can also be found on MASSCreative’s dedicated webpage.

We believe that the arts, cultural, and creative sector here makes a significant contribution to Medford as a great place to live, work, and play. The creative community helps drive our economy, educates our kids—and us—and enhances our quality of life.

Our public officials can contribute in this area through their leadership, vision, participation, and informed policy development. We hope our questionnaire is helpful in drawing out some of the key issues where we see Medford’s municipal government as having a primary role in the growth of our wonderful creative sector.

Candidate responses will be linked to their names as they are received.

Candidates for Mayor (in alphabetical order)
Stephanie Muccini Burke
Robert Penta

Candidates for City Council (in alphabetical order)
Rick Caraviello
Mark Crowley
Chris D’Aveta
Fred Della Russo
Leonore Eforo
John Falco
Adam Knight
Breanna Lungo-Koehn
Michael Marks
Neal McSweeney
Bill O’Keefe
Neil Osborne
Michael Ruggiero
George Scarpelli

Please read this nonpartisan opinion article co-authored by Matt Wilson, Executive Director of MASSCreative, and Gary Roberts, Chair of the Medford Arts Council: Next Mayor of Medford should lead on the arts.