Grants Awarded 2016

Our grant awards for 2016 are given below. All projects must be completed before December 31, 2016.

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For reimbursement procedures, consult our guidelines at this link: Grantee Reimbursement Requirements

FY 2016

Name Project Amount
Andrews Middle School North Shore Music Theater “The Lightning Thief” $1,446
Andrews Middle School Harvard Semitic Museum and Peabody Museum $815
CACHE in Medford Arts Across Medford & Mystic River Celebration $2,000
CACHE in Medford Circle the Square $2,000
Candace Van Aken MHS Docent Training at the Museum of Fine Arts $602
Columbus Elementary School Lexington Symphony Orchestra $520
Columbus Elementary School Hip Hop Promotes Positivity $750
Columbus Elementary School Exploring the Immigrant Experience $350
Denis Cormier/Hands on History Hands on History $100
Doucette, Denise Musical Programs for Seniors & Disabled $700
Ellenberg, Brad The Brad Ellenberg Quintet $300
Ethnic Arts Center Jumbo the Elephant Puppet Show $400
Havens, Leslie Concert by the Solstice Sackbuts $100
Heaton, Matthew Sing Alongs at the Medford Family Network $500
Herman-Haase, Eileen Dancing Through the Decades part 2 Dance Caliente $450
Herman-Haase, Eileen Children’s Latin Dance Workshop $600
Herman-Haase, Eileen Dancing Through the Decades Highlights $400
Herman-Haase, Eileen High School Latin Dance Workshop Dance Caliente $500
Housing Families Inc. Through Another Lens: Children’s Photography Group $900
MACI Medford Arts Center Inc. Maker Space and Textile Arts Classes $1,500
Mass in Motion Medford Artistically Painted Crosswalks $1,500
Medford Children’s Art Showcase Medford Children’s Art Showcase 2016 $820
Medford Council on the Aging Medford Multi Media Exchange II $2,400
Medford Farmers Market Music at the Medford Farmers Market $1,500
Medford Historical Society Wedding Dress Exhibit and Lectures $900
Medford Historical Society Sarah Bradlee Fulton Lecture $300
Medford Historical Society Online Bicycle Tours $100
Medford Public Library Walt Whitman Series $300
Medford Public Library The Slavish Shore Lecture $250
Medford Public Library Teen Henna Workshop $150
Medford Public Library Letters into Stories $150
Medford Public Library Improv Comedy Workshop for Teens $250
Medford Public Library Make Your Own Video Game $300
Medford Public Library Blizzards: Outwit the Elements $150
Medford Public Library Summer Vacation Performances $1,127
Medford Public Library School Vacation Performances $600
Medford Public Library Hero Gala $750
Medford Public Library Author Visit for Arts Across Medford $700
Medford Public Library Community Art Project: Mosaic in the Library $800
Monkeyhouse, Inc. What’s in a Name $1,000
Morris, Dee Medford’s Gotta Dance $600
O’Connor, Elyse Musical Visits with Seniors $300
Raiken-Kolb, Miriam Precious Bane: The Musical $200
Robar, Russell Music at the Condon Shell $200
Roberts Elementary PTO Roberts Elementary Art Night $800
Root, John The Majesty and Mystery of Crop Circles $150
Royall House and Slave Quarters Slave Cabin Project with Ife Franklin $350
Saint Clement Elementary School Lexington Symphony Orchestra $320
Sanctuary United Church of Christ Arts and Inspiration $1,250
Shelley Gross Family Drum Fun $250
Shelley Gross Sing-a-long with Matt Heaton $400
Shelley Gross Shadow Puppets $200
Shelley Gross Hand Puppets – Puppet Therapy $150
Shelley Gross World Percussion Program $250
Tammy Roussell/Mitsy Kit Mitsy Kit: Touch Guided Quilting for the Blind $1,500
The Chevalier Theatre Commission OnStage! Concert Series $2,500
The Chevalier Theatre Commission Medford Calling the Chevalier Theatre $1,500
The Uptown Girls A Celtic Celebration $400
True Story Theater Stories of Welcome: dialogue through theater $1,100
Two Roads Performance Projects Letters to Medford $1,400
West Medford Community Center, Inc. (WMCC) Dance Classes $500
West Medford Open Studios West Medford Open Studios XVII $2,000