The deadline for submitting online applications was October 15, 2018. Grant decisions were announced in early January, 2019. Please consider applying next fall for funding in 2020.

Each year we provide funds to support numerous public activities in Medford in the areas of arts and culture, including lectures, concerts, festivals, performances, classes, and school field trips. The following link will provide application guidelines and instructions: Apply for grants.

Or go directly to the online application for Medford.

If you are a grant recipient, you should know that we have requirements for crediting and publicity; please consult this link for how to acknowledge your grant funding.

In 2016 we introduced new local priorities that will be used in our grantmaking for 2018. Because our allocation from the Massachusetts Cultural Council is now greater than $20,000, we are required to develop local priorities for the Medford community that will assist our decision making process. The first set of local priorities for the Medford Arts Council can be reviewed at this link: Local Priorities.

In 2018 we moved to a direct granting process for projects funded in 2019 and beyond, as part of a statewide pilot to transition away from a reimbursement-based program. This new approach seeks to reduce the financial burden on grantees and the administrative burden on the City of Medford.

Recently awarded grants can be found using the links below.

The funds we distribute are an annual allocation from the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) through their Local Cultural Council (LCC) program. For 2016, the MCC allocated $20,800 to Medford, an increase of nearly 10%! A nice article announcing this allocation and containing enthusiastic comments from local officials can be found here.

For 2017, the MCC again allocated $20,800 to the Medford Arts Council.

An FAQ about the MCC is available online. The MCC makes thousands of grants directly to non-profit cultural organizations, schools, communities, and individuals artists, through funding programs that use arts, science, and the humanities to build strong, diverse, livable communities. The beneficiaries of these programs comprise a cross-section of the population and citizens in each Massachusetts city and town.

Below is a graph showing our history of grant funding going back to 1998. You can see that we are only now beginning to approach funding levels we have not had since 2002!

In October 2013, Mayor McGlynn and members of the City Council agreed to allocate $13,000 to supplement the MCC allocation. As a result, in 2014, more grantees received funding and more projects were completed, serving a larger number of Medford residents.

For 2015, the City of Medford made a second allocation of $15,000 to support the Council’s work. The total granting budget for 2015 was $30,300.

Recognizing the tremendous value of these investments in the community, the City of Medford increased our allocation to $30,000, which represents a 100% increase in local funding to be used for a range of activities. As a result of this increase, the total granting budget for 2016 was $45,300.

For 2017, the City of Medford allocated $30,000 to be used for the activities of the Medford Arts Council.

Our capacity to fund projects comes from our available funding. To learn more about our funding history, please consider reading our funding analysis.

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