Local Priorities

Public art enlivens Medford’s streetscape.

In accordance with our requirement as a Local Cultural Council receiving more than $20,000 from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, we have identified local priorities to guide our decision-making process for awarding grants. These local priorities for the 2018-2019 grant cycle were first adopted at our public meeting on May 10, 2016, and reaffirmed at our public meeting on May 8, 2018.

Medford’s four local priorities were developed using community input and strategic discussions at our recent public meetings. We will still accept, review, and approve a wide range of proposals including those that may be unrelated to our local priorities. However, we will use the local priorities to encourage, identify, and fund preferred proposals that are particularly suited to Medford’s needs at this time.


Public art: Temporary or permanent art — performing or visual, 2D or 3D, outdoor or indoor — to be exhibited in public, open spaces in Medford, such as a park, municipal building, or neighborhood square. We will pay attention to the particular qualities of a proposed site and how the project’s design fits in the site. The project should seek to create a memorable experience for the public. See some examples on our public art page.


Projects that seek to enhance the vitality of Medford’s squares and business districts (for example, Medford Square, Haines Square, South Medford, Hillside, West Medford, Wellington, Station Landing, etc.) with cultural activities or displays that rely on visitors’ casual discovery or purposeful attendance.


Arts and culture projects that involve partnerships or collaborations. Examples may include an arts group partnering with a local business, a creator working with a healthcare organization, faculty or students collaborating with nonprofits in off-campus programs, etc.


Projects in the humanities (literature, history, etc.) or science and technology (natural resources, environmental issues, STEAM, etc.), especially if they focus on Medford-related topics or themes, and/or use local resources or talent. Priority may be given to approaches that show innovation in audience participation, content development, or use of materials. Projects that combine the humanities and interpretive sciences are also encouraged.

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Please note that other state and municipal regulations, as well as our own local guidelines, will also apply to our use of these priorities. If you are considering a proposal that fits one or more of our local priorities, we strongly recommend that you work first with potential partners to identify questions and needs that will have to be addressed before your grant application is submitted.

Rainworks Haiku—a new public art project.