Dance-in-the-Fells_promo-pic.jpgThe Medford Arts Council is a city-appointed agency of volunteers working to promote excellence, access, education, and diversity in local public arts and cultural programming. In 2015, we celebrate our 35th anniversary as an organization that is making a difference in Medford. 

  • Notice anything different about our site? We have a new logo! A big ‘thank you’ goes to local graphic design firm Ace Creative for helping us with this historic first! We will be revising our website in the coming months to reflect our new look, and hope you will keep checking back to view these exciting changes.

  • The Medford Arts Council is delighted that the city of Medford will be increasing its allocation to our budget by 100% for the 2015-2016 fiscal year. (Read more.)

This investment of $30,000 goes a long way towards restoring funding levels we have not had since 2002. The additional city funds combined with our annual allocation from the Massachusetts Cultural Council will enable the Medford Arts Council to do more for Medford’s residents and vibrant cultural scene. As we look ahead, we are excited by the opportunities for enhanced grant making and new public initiatives that this essential funding makes possible. The Medford Arts Council welcomes suggestions and input from the community regarding ways to increase public access to Medford’s cultural assets and to promote the most favorable conditions for our creative economy. And we look forward to reviewing more grant applications this fall from our many talented writers, performers, artists, teachers, and organizational leaders who are seeking to engage the community through their work. Let’s dream big, Medford!
  • Congratulations to our former chair Maria Daniels, winner of the 2015 Leadership Circle Award from the Massachusetts Cultural Council! Read more.

  • We awarded $30,300 in grants for 2015. Learn more about the grant recipients here.

  • Read about our recent reception for grantees here.

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