The Medford Arts Council is a city-appointed commission of volunteers working to promote excellence, access, education, and diversity in local public arts and cultural programming. On an annual cycle we offer grants to artists, writers, performers, instructors, cultural organizations, and others seeking to engage the Medford public. With our funding and leadership, we make a difference in many ways and support the vibrancy of our community.

  • Grant applications for funding in 2017 were due October 17, 2016. Therefore we are no longer accepting new applications. Read about how to apply next year!

  • We were selected as the 2016 Council of the Year by the Massachusetts Cultural Council! This is a tremendous honor and a testament to the hard work and creativity of Medford’s arts and culture volunteers! Read more about our award.

  • We’ve launched an Art Banners project for Medford—read about the banners.

  • Medford City Hall has a new exhibition program for local artists!

  • The City of Medford has released the Cultural Affairs and Recreation Transition Team report. Thank you Mayor Burke for including us in this process to envision the future!

  • Congratulations to Allie Fiske, our former member, on her appointment as Business and Cultural Liaison for the City of Medford.

  • Have you read our new “Local Priorities” that will help guide the selection of grants for next year?

  • A high-level summary of the results for our community input survey is now available. Thank you to our many survey respondents. You can find the summary here.

  • Read about survey results, new local priorities, and more: A bright future for the arts in Medford (March 25, 2016).

  • The Medford Arts Council gave out $45,300 in grants for 62 projects and field trips in 2016. This represents an increase of $15,000 over 2015, thanks to the greater funding provided by the City of Medford. More projects were funded, and the average grant amount increased by 35%. For more information consult our list of funded proposals.

  • The first Medford Arts and Culture Summit (#MedfordArts) was an amazing conversation about the future! Read more about the Summit and its participants here.

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